An idea isn't necessarily bad just because the person who came up with it is rich or privileged in certain ways. However, there is a valid criticism when -- as here -- the idea's plausibility depends on the very access to wealth or privilege that isn't always present for others.

There is another issue around the analogy between police and maids. I imagine the police wouldn't appreciate being analogized to maids for the rich, but they do sometimes speak of 'cleaning up the streets.' They don't mean this literally, in terms of sweeping the sidewalk. They mean they are arresting and throwing people into prison, so that those people -- in the analogy, the trash -- are not on the streets anymore. Who are those people who are analogically 'trash'? Not the rich!

So the issue isn't just that the suggestion is 'have the maid do it' when not everyone can afford a maid. Another issue is that not everyone can rely on the maid to think of them as one of her clients.

Of course, one could counter-argue that no one would benefit from a good maid as much as those who currently find themselves surrounded by trash. Surely that's true, as long as the maid is reliable in discerning the trash from the clients who need help with the cleaning.


Ymarsakar said...

The maid here isn't the police, it is all the armed escorts and bodyguards the Left has. Including the P of Rome, while they say lesser human livestock needs to disarm.

Ymarsakar said...

The recent FBI raid is a good example of what I stated and predicted.

The US Republic has been dead for quite some time.

Tom said...

And we haven't even touched the subject of "white trash" yet.

Texan99 said...

"I don't need a gun. I have a security staff for that."

Or as Faye Dunaway said, "I don't get tough with people, Mr. Giddes. My lawyer does."