A Kinda Frightening CIA Blunder

Christopher Harper over at Da Tech Guy lists a few CIA blunders. This one was kinda frightening to me:

My all-time favorite happened in Lebanon.

The pro-Iranian group Hezbollah identified numerous CIA operatives by staking out a Pizza Hut in Beirut. How did Hezbollah figure out that the CIA was meeting with double agents and informants at Pizza Hut? The CIA decided to use the code word “pizza” when communicating with agents.

The code literally meant to meet at a pizza joint for pizza! Ten agents had their identity revealed, and numerous other informants were discovered—some of whom were executed. The CIA was left essentially blind in Lebanon for several months, having to pull the agents out, because agents were lazy and uncreative with their tradecraft.

I don't regularly read Da Tech Guy, and I don't know if this story is true. An ABC report seems to confirm it, though.


Sam L. said...

It's certainly believable!

E Hines said...

COMSEC is for rubes.

Eric Hines

DaTechGuy said...

feel free to start reading, my magnificent seven writers are worth a trip

Tom said...

I'll be by more frequently. You have some good stuff up right now.

Ymarsakar said...

This was less a mistake and more like the CIA getting rid of certain people that the Deep State told them was no good.