All 'A's for these Journalism Students

They're just high school kids, but they understand the real spirit of the thing.
Amy Robertson... was hired as the high school’s head principal on March 6. The student journalists had begun researching Robertson, and quickly found some discrepancies in her education credentials. For one, when they researched Corllins University, the private university where Robertson said she got her master’s and doctorate degrees years ago, the website didn’t work. They found no evidence that it was an accredited university....

The students began digging into a weeks-long investigation that would result in an article published Friday questioning the legitimacy of the principal’s degrees and of her work as an education consultant.

On Tuesday night, Robertson resigned.
The free press is best when it maintains an adversarial relationship with those in power. Too often, it ends up being hand-fed by them instead.

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Ymar Sakar said...

Dogs of the State.

the so called christian churches were also dogs of Constantine and his mother.