While We're On The Subject of Standards



Anonymous said...

We never saw that with Obama, just saying


Grim said...

At one point, Joe Biden identified the guy who was carrying the football.

I realize that a lot of people who railed against Hillary Clinton's scandalous mishandling of classified information really just wanted her scalp. However, I trust that most of the people here who did were -- like me -- serious about the national security issues. This stuff should cause an uproar. It's not a game for Trump and his rich golfing buddies.

Cassandra said...

Do we know how this happened? I can think of several ways - some of which would be attributable to the administration and some to this guy's C.O.

Cassandra said...

Ok, after a quick Googling (from the WaPo)

Analysts familiar with nuclear policy said it was unusual for an aide to agree to be photographed with a civilian, although it was not clear he knew the image would be circulated on social media.

Sorry, but the person best situated to know what should or should not be allowed is the guy carrying the briefcase. That was my first thought: "What kind of moron allowed that?" And I wasn't thinking of someone in the administration. You want to be an aide, you need to know your job better than that.

Just sayin'. I would hope that once someone is selected to be an aide, they don't need administration officials following them around to make sure they know how to do their own job. My take is this is on the aide.

Cassandra said...

Since I'm ranting anyway, here's the link:


This seems like a tempest in a teapot to me. Poor judgment, but no one should be expecting civilians to know this stuff. This is part of the problem with both sides playing "gotcha" all the time. Dumb stuff gets blown way out of proportion.

Grim said...

I'm not pointing at any particular individual. I'm just saying, "No."

Cassandra said...

You'll get no argument from me on that one. But you're the only person I've seen not suggesting this is the fault of the Trump administration :p

Cassandra said...

...and this was what made me think you were suggesting the same thing:

This stuff should cause an uproar. It's not a game for Trump and his rich golfing buddies.

I'm not sure it should cause an uproar. A reprimand seems more in line with it, and the military guy is the one whose job it was, not to have his picture taken if that presents some kind of problem.