Who needs data?

It's been frustrating trying to discuss either voter fraud or sane voter i.d. laws for the last 5-10 years.  I'll never understand the impulse to lump them in with racist poll taxes.  Jazz Shaw makes a reasonable suggestion that, just possibly, it might help to have some data, so we ouldn't quit screaming "There's fraud."  "No there isn't."


J Melcher said...

Jim Schutze, no conservative (he believes Dan Rather had the goods on GW Bush regarding TANG service.) wrote, way back in 2001, about how vote fraud works in Texas.



"Here's an offer you can't refuse: For less than $12,000 paid to the right people, you can buy the early and absentee ballot vote in eight precincts in Southern Dallas--just enough votes, it turns out, to win you a $125 million taxpayer subsidy for your new sports arena or a $246 million city bond issue for your next big public-works construction job."

And after two decades fighting this fraud, can the perps be successfully prosecuted?


Eric Blair said...

Probaly not. Not without basically indicting Pretty much *every* Mayor, city council, and politcal party apparatchiks of any city of any note in this country that's been run by one part or the other for the last 50 years or so.

That's the real reason nobody wants to delve into vote fraud. It's everywhere and both of D's and R's use it.

douglas said...

All the more reason to get in and start cleaning things up. Even just some serious investigation will have a deterrent effect that is worthwhile.

Gringo said...

JFK pulled LBJ's chain by calling him "Landslide Johnson," courtesy of LBJ's 187 vote victory in the 1948 Senate primary. I read somewhere that having lost by ballot stuffing in the 1941 Senate primary, LBJ swore he wouldn't lose that way again. Reminds me of George Wallace's remark, which had nothing to do w ballot stuffing, after losing to Patterson in 1958.

Gringo said...

Illegal aliens can get drivers’ licenses in California. You can also register via the DMV in California. That seems a loophole to me, but according to Snopes, it is not a loophole. Not that Snopes has earned a reputation for objective truth-finding lately.

Jesse Richman and David Earnest have published on noncitizen voting.

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