Batting Near a Thousand

Trump's made some friends, anyway.

UPDATE: How's 11 million sound to you?


Anonymous said...

"#NeverTrump is dead"

Not sure about that statement.....
there are still a few holdouts, who are being very very quiet at the moment.


Grim said...

He's decided to run up the scoreboard early, while people still haven't figured out how to resist his new political approach. I don't blame his opponents on the right for keeping their heads down -- let the left take the hits, and see what you can learn from their mistakes.

It's been a banner week, though. If Americans voted for him in part because they wanted a celebrity President who would entertain them, they can't be disappointed. He's putting on a blood sport.

Ymar Sakar said...

Hussein was also proclaimed the one to mend race relations and raise sea levels, while a light shines down upon the sheep and they will Believe. People came to believe many things. Most of it wrong, because humans being humans, they are easy to fool and con, with this tendency to believe in Heroic King creation myths.

Having faith in fallible and corrupt humans is how the US got to where it is. And it is how it will End, in the final days.

douglas said...

I can assure you the #nevertrump movement isn't going away any time soon. My wife still can't stomach the man, regardless of the good governance he's performing for the moment. Evan McMullin seems to be trying to make a living at it having started some group to stand for some vague anti-trump movement. I don't know what it would take to bring some of these people in, but I'm thinking that for a fair number, it's more than can be delivered, because they basically want him to be a different man altogether. A rhetorically improved Trump who says 'the right kind of things' I don't think will be enough for them.