Accept 90% allies

And say "Yes" to success, advises Kurt Schlichter to his fellow disappointed movement conservatives:
Again, don’t be the guy staring into the mirror saying “Well, I’m perfect. I guess those people who voted for Trump because I was failing to meet their needs are just stupid for prioritizing their interests over my preferred ideology.”
You don’t have to love that Trump is the Republican president, but you should at least put aside your wounded pride long enough to seize the opportunity he presents. Don’t let your hurt feelings consign you to a chair in the corner where you pout, arms crossed, as Trump accomplishes a bunch of the things you’ve been promising for the last couple decades but never delivered.


Grim said...

Yeah, that's got to be right. Even if you fight him on some things because they're unacceptable, some other things are opportunities. If the Teamsters can do it, so can moderate R's.

douglas said...

Always preferred the phrasing "Do not let the perfect become the enemy of the good". Schlichter is pretty funny, though.

Gringo said...

I long ago decided that no presidential candidate was going to agree with me on all issues. I choose the least bad candidate, the lesser of the evils.
As Trump used to be a Democrat, it was fair to suspect that he might become a Democrat-lite in office. [OTOH, I used to be a Democrat.] The vitriol that Democrats heaped on Trump during the campaign may have become an incentive for Trump to not follow any Democrat policies. Why should I adopt the policies of those who demonize me?

Speaking of Trump, I wonder if our friend Liza has continued to read this blog.

Ymar Sakar said...

The Demons heap their highest criticism against betrayers. They still harp on about Hitler. If the Left acts against Trum, it is precisely because he has already betrayed them in their eyes, even if that wasn't really Trum's intention. That bridge has been burned, as Cortez might have been faulted for.