John Yoo Makes a Quick Comment on Comey

He says Comey was wrong on his reading of the statutes, wrong to make the announcement he did last summer, and wrong again to violate DOJ internal guidelines and historical practice now by announcing a re-opening of the investigation.

His reasoning is at the link, but I respect Yoo as a lawyer.

Um, admittedly, part of that respect came from watching him tie John Stewart in knots on Stewart's own show, but still.


Grim said...

I am open to the argument that Comey has done everything wrong. Still, at least he's consistent. :)

douglas said...

Maybe this is one of those cases where two wrongs make a right?
Also, for those who want to say Comey is improperly putting a thumb on the scale of the election, I say that if Hillary had released her emails to the investigators Months or even a year ago, as she was supposed to, none of this would be happening. Of course, then she might not have even been the Democrat nominee.

Anonymous said...

I keep circling back to the question of what pushed Comey to do this.

There's speculation that a large and growing pile of resignations on his desk had something to do with it. I do not believe that as a sole reason. Agents had this laptop in their possession for weeks, with knowledge that some of the files came from Hillary Clinton's server.

I wonder if the Wikileaks disclosures surfaced something that flatly contradicted an assurance that had been given to him, in exchange for his forbearance.