Saudi Arabia and Feminism

Two articles:

1) A female Saudi scholar comes under fire for what some are calling feminist views, views that question whether Islamic societies protect the rights of women to a correct degree. Some who feel that societies such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia most fully realize God's plan on earth find her questions to be an insult to Islam and, indeed, even to God.

2) A Saudi court has assented to a woman's request to watch her husband's judicially-ordered flogging, as it is being administered to punish him (and to recompense her) for his wife-beating. For some reason, many men are objecting to her watching as inappropriately humiliating -- but not to the beating itself, which would strike me (pun intended) as the real humiliation being inflicted.

Still, it's a move to press a woman's right to be free from domestic violence in a way not permitted in the West. I suppose in the spirit of free inquiry, it's worth asking: is this a way in which Islamic law really is stronger on women's rights, even if only in this discrete matter?

Discuss, if you like.


Eric Blair said...

No. Next question.

douglas said...

There are a whole lot of men abused (yes, physically) by wives. Should the women be flogged also?

But, yes, under the logic of their system, she should be allowed to watch. The flaw is not in that reasoning, it is in the system's givens.

Ymar Sakar said...

Islamic law follows Lucifer's philosophy, that humans do not need free will but must be compelled to serve God or the divine.

If it strongly protects women, that is only because men or the authorities or Lucifer has decided that this is the best way to wage jihad or further the cause.