I Guess It's Good That It's "Official"

The Washington Post: "A slew of bad economic headlines last week made it official: The Obama economy has failed."


DLSly said...

And, given the low bar by which it was always going to be judged by, that is a pretty big revelation.

Anonymous said...

They still support Hillary, who will perpetuate the same bad economic policies.


ColoComment said...

Not only will she perpetuate the same policies that put a choke-hold on business, but she'll make it worse.


Grim said...

The only alternative is casino boy. At least with Hillary, you know what you get, economically speaking.

I can understand economic voters picking her for that reason. It's her face towards the Constitution that I can't abide.

E Hines said...

[W]ith Hillary, you know what you get, economically speaking.

I'll take Trump on those grounds. Obama/Clinton economics are tremendously destructive.

Eric Hines