How to Start a Clash of Civilizations

Foreign Policy has an interesting piece by that title. The sub-head is:

If the Islamic State wants to renew the Crusades by attacking churches and killing priests, Catholic France won’t run from the fight.

And then:

Whatever the extent of Western reluctance or prudence, the truth is there’s no better way to shake Europe out of what many now see as its guilt-ridden paralysis than to assault French Catholicism — the oldest, most ingrained force that transcends nationalism in Europe’s most powerful proud nation.

It's an interesting and brief article that discusses the history of Catholicism in France and recent statements about refugees and Islam by European politicians and the pope, then turns to Marion Le Pen and the French Catholic reaction.

I think it's too little, too late: How much of France is still really Catholic? I've heard the term "culturally Catholic" to describe western European Catholics who are really secular and often atheists. So, maybe the small number of real French Catholics are willing to stand up against violent jihad, but what about the rest of France?

On the other hand, I really know little of European politics. Maybe it's true that while there is life there is hope.


Grim said...

France's history with Catholicism is troubled. Still, in the past when they've seemed most likely to watch it die, they've been electing to cast it aside. That's different from having it taken from you by force. They may at last guess its value when they see what evil men would do to destroy it.

james said...

This site says 40% call themselves Catholic and 5% attend mass weekly. Germany is 25 and 5, Italy 88 and 26 (I wonder if that's still true)... USA claims about 37% attend Christian services weekly or more.
I don't know of any statistics on 11'th century attendance, but ... All the faithful of both sexes shall after they have reached the age of discretion faithfully confess all their sins at least once a year to their own (parish) priest and perform to the best of their ability the penance imposed, receiving reverently at least at Easter the sacrament of the Eucharist, ... in 1215

Eric Blair said...

I saw that article, and it is just wishful thinking.

Tom said...

Well, you never know what you've got till it's gone, they say.

Ymar Sakar said...

They should return to 1st AD Christendom, not this Roman Catholic heresy.

douglas said...

Back in 2014, the church was instrumental in organizing what may have been well over a million French to march to support traditional families.

So, if attacks on the Church and Catholics continue, I'd expect a reaction, yes. The only question being can it get big enough to move the government as well?