Range 15 in the Washington Post

The 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' of the military community, they quote Nick Palmisciano as saying.
Since its mid-June debut in the U.S., the comedy has brought in close to $700,000 at the box office in fan-sponsored screenings across the country. One of those screenings was late last month at Ashburn’s Alamo Drafthouse, selling out a 135-seat theater in a day. It was at that Virginia theater that Nick Palmisciano, a West Point grad and one of the movie’s stars and producers, began to wonder if the movie had hit a nerve.

Predictably, most of the audience had military ties but, to Palmisciano’s surprise, about a third of the crowd had already seen earlier screenings. As the jokes and gore ratcheted up, he sat stunned as fans began to shout out dialogue.
I can see that. There's another round of shows scheduled in Georgia. I don't know if any of them will make, but if they do, I might like to go back and shout dialog at the screen with comrades.


MikeD said...

Grim, in case you missed it before, I have returned from my hiatus (work related) and saw that you need my email. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to send it to you privately. I know Cass has mine, so if you can contact her, I'm perfectly fine with that. Or if you would like her to pass your contact info to me, that works too.

Grim said...

Oh, yes, I did miss it. You can email me at 'grimbeornr' (note the final 'r') at yahoo. I'll forward the message once I know where to forward it.

Tom said...

The guys where I saw it were organizing the second showing at the end of the first. It made, but alas I couldn't go.

I can easily see this becoming the Rocky Horror of the military community; now we just need folks to go up and act it out as it shows. That could be pretty funny if people start dressing like the actors to go see it.

Ymar Sakar said...


Hollywood and the MPAA need to better enforce their guild monopoly or else. Taxing and regulating the internet from DC, would do it.