"Lock Her Up"

I am amused by how upset people on the left are by the focus by the RNC crowd, especially during Christie's speech, on putting Hillary Clinton in prison. Why this is unprecedented! Disturbing! How can you debate an opponent fairly if you assume she is a criminal?

Well, you know, maybe don't keep nominating criminals, then.


Anonymous said...

"Well, you know, maybe don't keep nominating criminals, then"


I love a target rich environment.

It's like watching my daughter with her
KIMBER Model 82 / 22 LR
At 100 yards the winchester silhouette targets just fall.
She push a box of 500 count through her rifle no time flat.
It's fun to watch silhouette targets just fall.

Hilary Clinton also provides a target rich environment , she lies so much and is so corrupt.


Grim said...

As long as hitting the targets is effective. So far, she's proven to have some pretty good shields.