Election polling

Michael Barone is one of the few poll analysts I can read with any patience.  It's going to be a long season.
I have noticed something else that may be significant in the some recent polls: The number of undecided voters seems to be increasing, rather than decreasing as it tends to do when nominees are determined.
This could result from cross-pressures. Majorities of voters have unfavorable feelings toward both candidates, and probably a record share, about 25 percent, has unfavorable feelings toward both. Apparently some voters are having trouble deciding which repellent candidate to vote for.
Bingo.  Well, not to exaggerate:  I'm not having trouble deciding, just trouble stomaching my decision.


Eric said...

My wife commented that she hasn't heard much on radio concerning either side recently--my comment was that the media finally woke up to what they had done.

But, Scott Adams thinks Trump will win, because he's a persuader. There's something to what he says, and he's been right so far, but this is a different election, to be sure.

Texan99 said...

And yet Wolf Blitzer on CNN spent a good part of his segment with the cameras trained on Trump's plane as it prepared to take off from National.

Grim said...

Gosh, is it only 25% who have unfavorable feelings toward both? That shows questionable judgment.