"The God Shot"

Via Armed Liberal, a story about a doctor who has a pioneering therapy for PTSD.


raven said...

Hopefully it works well for many.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I read with interest until he hit the suicide statistics. Maybe he got to it later, but the highest rate is not among the deployed and combat vets. Leaving that out is not playing square. I clicked back here.

That said, the rate of PTSD does increase proportionally to combat exposure, and anything that offers relief is a good thing.

Grim said...

Good point. The suicide problem is really bothering the community right now, and they've bought into some statistics that make the problem seem even bigger than it really is. In a way I think they think it's helpful to be wrong, because the big numbers draw attention. But, like yourself, I'd prefer to be squared up on what the facts really are. I don't think getting detached from reality is helpful.