Major Voter Suppression in Arizona

You won't be informed of this by reading the article, so let me ask you if you realize who benefited from this particular fraud? The article actually says that this is "all about electing Republicans," but the Republican establishment isn't the one pulling out all the stops to elect a particular candidate.


"[I]ndependent voters who switched their registration to the Democratic Party were allegedly told they hadn’t registered at all, forcing them to sit out the closed primary."

How would disenfranchising Democratic primary voters have anything to do with electing Republicans?

There are none so blind as those who will not see.


raven said...

Although off topic for this post, I think Victor Davis Hanson sums up nicely many of the ills we see and their likely outcome if not checked-

"Fast forward to the 5th century AD, is this the Roman Republic, 1/4 of Italy? No. It now encompasses 70 million people, from Mesopotamia in the East to the Atlantic ocean in the West, to above Hadrian’s Wall in the North to the Sahara Desert in the South, one million square miles. And they’re attacked, not by a formidable power, the inheritor of classical military science like Hannibal, but a thug like Atilla with some Huns and Visigoths and Vandals. By any measure, the threat was nothing compared to the threat that Romans faced when it was much, much smaller. But why in the world could they not defend themselves….?

The answer is…in 216 BC a Roman knew what it was to be a Roman. And they were under no illusions that they had to be perfect to be good. All they believed was they had an illustrious tradition that was better than alternative and could be better even more…In 450 AD I don’t think the average person who lived under the Roman Empire…knew what it was to be a Roman citizen, he did not believe that it was any better than the alternative. And when that happens in history, history is cruel, it gives nobody a pass. If you cease to believe that your country’s exceptional and has a noble tradition, and it is good without without being perfect, and it’s better than the alternative – If you cease to believe that! – there’s no reason for you to continue, and history says you won’t. And you don’t.”

Ymar Sakar said...

Valerian, probably mispelled it as it could be Justinian too, one of the last Roman Emperors was pretty stupid or evil like Hussein. His sister sent a letter to Atilla promising him marriage to her, if he would come and get rid of her brother.


When the Senate, full of slavers and rich slave barons with their latifundia, killed Julius Caesar, spiritual successor of Marius of the Marius Reforms, they didn't protect the Republic. They killed it off, finally.

Trump is no Caesar, of course. Although many of his Democrat backers and Democrat cultural activist corruption factions, would prefer that kind of image, the pro war, macho one.