Allahpundit Has It Backwards

It's Trump who has to challenge Cruz to a duel. Otherwise, the charge of cowardice stands.

This is why dueling is useful, of course. Lots of men have big mouths. Not all of them have big... hands.


Joel Leggett said...

Correct. Well said.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Do you think The Godfather had any lessons that taught Americans ways of thinking about gaining and keeping power, as the POTUS position contains within itself, whether they be Satanic or not?

Would Michael have punched the Irish police chief if he were smarter, instead of just taking that broken jaw without immediate response worthy of a "war hero" as Al played in this role?

Considering how that character's progeny faired, you might very well be accurate to say conniving, evil Corleone methods are counter-productive.

In America, if grouping people by success recognized by wealth and progeny probable foreseeable, would you consider the victors primarily physical fighters or accounting observers?

Sure sure everything can change 180 tomorrow, but as of the last couple hundred years, it seems that duels accomplish only the culling of the herd that duels, leaving the cowards (such as myself) to contemplate "dying another day" while we vote.

There is a deep perversion in democracy allowing for those that sacrificed all, and likewise those who put themselves voluntarily into a position where they had to (actually) risk sacrificing all, and at the same time people can give power because of being with their vote.

Democracy is itself a form of socialism, and it has created America.

Google "democracy" and anyone American you respect (e.g. Reagan or Lincoln or Obama or FDR) and the idea America is not a democracy has a lot of resistance among those using that term, EVEN THOUGH CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC IS INDEEED MORE ACCURATE.

Some folks don't want to get specific, and that doesn't mean they aren't accurate.

Grim said...

Democracy is itself a form of socialism...

I would say -- following Aristotle -- that socialism is a form of democracy. Specifically, it is the sick form. I wrote about this not long ago.

Duels are useful in part because they constrain the cowards. Maybe they have the effect of teaching cowards to vote quietly instead, but cowards didn't rule anywhere while dueling was legal. In spite of the costs of the duel, I regard its end as a loss to civilization.

Ymar Sakar said...

America was made as a Republic, Plato's Republic even, from an oligarchy of educated and wise individuals, the Founding Fathers.

America used to be a representative democracy after the Republic was diminished, but due to the power of DC, it's more of a totalitarian oligarchy now.