Yeah, That's Not Working Out

In the aftermath of Mitt Romney’s defeat in 2012, the Republican National Committee issued a postmortem that recommended, among other things, a change of tone, “especially on certain social issues that are turning off young voters.” That evangelical dentist in South Carolina has become a political liability — unless, of course, he’s willing to keep his mouth shut in public.

The plan was straightforward: turn socially conservative Christians into the African Americans of the Republican Party, a bloc of voters with no place else to go but who can be managed and kept at a distance from the party’s new brand.
You might want to reconsider that strategy, if there's still time.

It must seem unfair to Republican grandees. In spite of her campaign slapping Black Lives Matter advocates around, Clinton apparently is pulling a bigger share of the black vote than Obama (although among a much less enthusiastic Democratic primary electorate). Why can't their unwanted-but-needed base voters be as loyal to the party elite?

Life just isn't fair, I guess.

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Ymar Sakar said...

Must be the same people on McCain's staff that "managed" Palin so well.

Bezmenov lectured on more detail concerning pre destabilization phases, including church leaders saying violence for redistribution of wealth for equality was justified.

That there is no right or wrong, when a people become so confused, they are ripe for destabilization. It's hard to remember that this guy was way back in the later 20th century instead of talking about right now. Of course the Leftist alliance has been subverting Western civilization for a hundred plus years now, while people have slept in the bliss of ignorance. Eventually the wake up call hits them.