Second Look at Trump

Headline: 'Trump: As president, I would prosecute Clinton.'

Have we ever had a Presidential election where one candidate was promising to put the other behind bars if elected? It's Clinton's own fault that we're having it now, as she's the one who violated national security law with such casual, regular familiarity. If she had simply obeyed the law, we wouldn't be here.

Still, what an election Clinton v. Trump would be. The one side is promising to ban guns and appoint a progressive Supreme Court that will rewrite the Constitution to outlaw conservatives forever. The other side is promising to send the other candidate's party to prison, build a giant wall on the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it, bomb our enemies to the stone age, and then steal their oil.

Just small potatoes at stake, then.

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douglas said...

Honestly, I don't know anyone who is an open Trump supporter (but then, I'm in the middle of La-la land). Can anyone tell me, from their personal experience, what drives the Trump supporters and who they are? I understand the frustration and disgust with the status quo of both the opposition and the GOP, but I don't get how when he says things that would have sunk anyone else ("Planned Parenthood does great things" for instance) he just glides along unscathed.

Still, in the end, I don't thing he'll be the nominee, but I'm starting to doubt myself there. Also, I'd take him over Hillary or Bernie, so there's that.