Why Not Add an Impeachment to the 2016 Election Season?

With the fate of the Supreme Court already hanging in the balance, and one frontrunner promising to prosecute the other if elected, who'll notice a little more drama?
[Speaker of the House Paul] Ryan reminded reporters that Congress voted overwhelmingly for the National Defense Authorization Act, which contains a provision saying the president may not move Guantanamo inmates to U.S. soil.

"We are making legal preparations if the president tries to break the law," Ryan said. "And what boggles my mind, is that the president is contemplating directing the military to knowingly break the law."
No dodging that fight, if he does. Military officers will have to refuse clearly illegal orders, and he'll have to try to prosecute them for insubordination. Think he's got the guts for that?

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Ymar Sakar said...

You underestimate the Left's god king in this. This is why they have spent 8 years purging the US military, just in case of decisions like this.

Does Hussein's women and boy children in uniform, those who owe their entire careers to the Democrats, have the guts to obey illegal orders?

One might as well ask that.