This Should Be A Fun Holiday

Are you ready to be a horrible pain in everyone's neck this Thanksgiving? If not, don't worry! People are here to help you annoy everyone with whom you were planning to share this moment of family togetherness.

From the Left:

From the Right:

Yeah, it's going to be a pleasant conversation around the dinner table this year.


douglas said...

I have to say that for some legitimate history, the National Geographic two part special on the founding of Plymouth Colony, "Saints & Strangers" was quite good. It seemed to me an honest, unbiased portrayal of the history, and the characters were portrayed as having depth and complexity, as opposed to being simple cut-out good natives, bad whiteys, like you might expect these days. I think it gace a particularly good insight into the tribal politics that the Pilgrims came into, and it seems apropos today, given how much of the world we are dealing with still has essentially the same sort of tribal politics and power structure.

douglas said...

Somebody needs to tell Crowder that there were no horses in the Americas for thousands of years until the Spanish brought them, so of course they never domesticated the horse.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother's house was always full of family, and it was always fun. I loved going there, and I enjoyed my relatives thoroughly. Much later I found out that my grandmother had banned the subjects of religion and politics years ago. It was a good rule, and I keep to it, most especially when I have guests that have strongly held, differing views.

I ban another topic: the foods you won't eat. Obviously, I accommodate true dietary concerns, such as celiac disease and sodium restrictions, and veganism (as an added entre). But no talk about what you don't like and won't eat. It's uncivilized to denigrate food at the table.

This current administration is really nasty. They encourage family fights for political gain. What a bunch of maroons.


Ymar Sakar said...

Europeans survived because they were stronger. After surviving and defeating Islamic Jihad for hundreds of years, as well as the Vikings, some tribal raiders in America wasn't going to be enough. Even if disease hadn't killed them all off. The Black Death weakened European Christianity, and Islam still couldn't wipe those people out.

Unrelenting warfare is what makes civilizations strong.

The weaklings died or were taken capture by Islamic slave raiders. They also died crossing the Atlantic. Then the rest died in America due to socialism and other weaknesses in the body politic.

The Youth Brigades of various revolutions, though, they would understand the benefit of having families fight for political gain internally.

Given that the Leftist alliance is using Islamic Jihad to wipe out Western civilization, it is not guilt that stops them from doing so. Only power and strength can do that. Those who lack it, will be taken over by civilizations that do have it.