Morning, Morons

Turns out there's a great reason that people on the right don't see eye to eye with the President. They're just not smart enough to understand him.

The article is actually pretty painful to read. He cites Obamacare and the minimum wage as two policies that are really good in the long run. Somehow he doesn't see the conflict between those two policies:
Republicans constantly paint it as a “job killer” (it’s not) while also rallying against the millions of people who are on government assistance. Funny thing though, a good portion of the Americans who are on government assistance have jobs. If we made sure that no American working full-time had to rely on government programs just to survive, instantly we would save our country hundreds of billions of dollars over the years.
You know why so many people now have jobs but can't pay their bills? Because Obamacare 'fundamentally transformed' the American economy into one in which poorer workers are only able to obtain part-time work -- and not even thirty hours a week of it, so that the company won't be on the hook for their newly-expensive health care costs. That means you need two jobs to make ends meet, and jobs remain hard to come by -- at least for native born Americans, as government immigration policies and refusal to enforce the law have flooded the markets with cheap foreign labor, and trade packages like the Obama-backed TPP have lowered the cost of shipping jobs overseas.

All of these problems have been caused by the government going outside its Constitutional charter. They're all mutually reinforcing problems: meddle with the health insurance industry, screw up wages and hours for workers. Raise the minimum wage to try to return us to a situation in which people can earn a living without government assistance, and you put people out of work (you really do) and make it more attractive to ship jobs overseas. Good news, though: shipping American jobs overseas is easier than ever, thanks to our negotiated-in-secret trade packet that cedes sovereign national authority to un-elected committees made up of non-Americans whose rulings unsurprisingly favor non-American interests.

Allow me to suggest a modification of the thesis. It's not that President Obama is as smart as you think he is. It's that he's not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.

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Ymar Sakar said...

It would be better to be considered paranoid, insane, and stupid amongst the evil, than considered a smart leader by Enemies of Humanity.