Come Down With Your Rifle

We need to start searching out songs of the Revolution. Here's the first one.

"Here's two-legged game for your powder and ball. And share, share, the Green Mountain Air."


Ymar Sakar said...


Maybe if the South starts the war again like they did in CW I, the revolution stuff wouldn't be so necessary. But alas, the Democrats were the tyrants of the South back then, they ordered a war and got some foreigners to take the blame.

Republicans don't seem very good at that kind of game yet.

Eric Blair said...

As I've said before, you're not going to have a revolution until the local and State governments tell the Federal government no.

And songs ain't gonna do anything.

Gringo said...

Our leaders themselves are our own fellow men
Who can handle the sword, the scythe and the pen.

Well-put. Guess they weren't Ivy Leaguers.

Grim said...

And songs ain't gonna do anything.

Oh, that's not true at all. Songs do a great deal. They sustain you in times of despair. They motivate hearts to do rather than to simply think. They shape our understanding of what the conflict is about, and what the right path forward might be. They bring us together in a common cause, and help us attain agreement on a common course of action. Singing the songs gives us a felt connection to these heroic examples from our past. Learning the song makes them part of us, and helps shapes us into the kind of people we will have to be to turn things around.

Never underestimate the power of song.

Grim said...

Guess they weren't Ivy Leaguers.

Have you met Francis Parkman?