Lady and the Trump

Jimmy Kimmel has fun with Trump's response to Jorge Ramos at a recent news conference.

The man's a clown, but I can't deny enjoying the "eeks" he draws from the commentariat. "Well, I never!"


J Melcher said...

JK jokes "He's not even President yet and he's kicking Mexicans out..."

and the crowd cheers.

Are they cheering the joke or Trump's small-scale demonstration ?

Anonymous said...

Texan, I think you nailed it.

I've been listening to people getting the vapors over his immigration policy, but I think the vast majority of citizens agree with him. People should not be allowed to enter and stay here illegally, and there is no way in hell that it is appropriate to award citizenship to people who refuse to accept the sovereignty of this country.

It is the fault of our politicians, principally Sen. Ted Kennedy, that we have so many illegal aliens currently residing in our country. Ted Kennedy insisted, over and against the advice of both parties, that we should not have a guest worker program, because he lacked the imagination to recognize that some people come here just to work.

He was warned that failure to draft a law responsive to the desire to come here just to work would result in large numbers of illegal immigrants, as it had in the past.

I favor instituting a guest worker program for people already here who are already paying their taxes and who have committed no other crimes, purely on a pragmatic basis, not because these people should have squatter's rights in our country. If I could magically get rid of them all, and start over with the best of them, I'd do it. Trump says that is what he would do, and I do not believe he can do it. Further, I am fairly sure that a person with his sophisticated grasp of economics must recognize that he can't do it.


Grim said...

Did you see where Hulk Hogan wants to be his running mate? I hope that happens. It would make so much sense.