The Mysterious Case of The Disappearing Car

...and the reappearing tow-truck driver.
The Texas Department of Public Safety released almost an hour of dash cam video. But in several parts of the footage, the video is looped while the officer's audio continues uninterrupted.

For example, there are moments when a car or wrecker driver appears in the frame, suddenly disappears, and then appears once again.

It's not clear whether the video was deliberately edited, or if the looped video over the audio track is the result of an equipment problem.
Also unclear is why the woman was found dead in her cell the next morning. You can be sure this case isn't going away anytime soon.

What seems clear is that the officer was just going to give her a warning until she got argumentative and, eventually, combative. She decided to assert her independence, and it got her a trip to jail. Somehow, she was hanged that night in her cell. A suicide? A lynching? We may never know. But now that the video tape shows signs of either editing or an equipment failure, expect gasoline on the fire.


Texan99 said...

This is sickening. I'd normally like to give the cops a lot of the benefit of the doubt, but they used all mine up with the conduct of the arrest and the jiggered dashcam video.

Hempstead is not all that far from here.

MikeD said...

I am completely unaware of any technical reason a video would begin looping but leaving the audio playing without looping, short of two separate recordings being performed (one audio, one visual) then being synced in post production. And I don't know that such a thing is done outside of the movies. I'd be happy to be shown otherwise if someone else has more knowledge of standard police procedure. But I cannot for the life of me imagine why they'd record on two separate channels. The real question is if the video outside the cell (which showed no one entering or leaving before discovery) shows time stamps, if it has audio, if it appears to be edited in a similar fashion, or if there's a long delay between someone putting her in her cell and coming out (suggesting a possible hanging at that time, which could be determined by a coroner). It is completely possible she did hang herself. But given a seeming penchant to (needlessly) edit dashcam footage, I am having more and more doubts.

Eric Blair said...

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (or Texas).

Ymar Sakar said...