John F Kerry 'very Disturbed' to Learn Iran Still Hates Us

Maybe that’s why Kerry’s “disturbed.” Maybe it just dawned on him that he and Obama greenlit the idea of a terror state run by Shiite fanatics going nuclear with no assurances whatsoever that that fanaticism would abate. We’re in good hands, my friends.
Those of you who are interested in this deal might want to read IranTruth, a website focused on opposition to the deal.

UPDATE: Canada refuses to lift sanctions until it sees credible signs of Iranian reform.

UPDATE: Another good argument against the Iran deal.


MikeD said...

JK: "I'm SHOCKED! SHOCKED to find America hating going on!"
Iran: "Here are your burning flags, sir."
JK: "Oh, thank you very much."

MikeD said...

With apologies to Casablanca.

Cass said...

It would appear that Obama and his plucky manservant, John Forgainst Kerrie (sounds better in the original French), are once again getting schooled by the Global Community.

Excuse me for a moment...


... OK, back now :p

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I am hoping that the fact that the French have signed off is encouraging. They are, after all, pretty good at moral posing while quietly attending to their own safety quite ruthlessly.

Beyond that, it's all quite discouraging. My theory that actual international events don't matter to liberals, who regard them as mere counters in the Washington DC game of acquiring power, seems to be holding up.

Grim said...

My hope is that someone somewhere has the good sense to build in backdoors and remote sabotage effects into all these nuclear reactors we're going to build for Iran.

MikeD said...

Well, clearly the Canadians are all racist warmongers. After all, out Dear President (PBUH) has said the choice was this deal or war, right?