Emergency? Why Didn't We Do This All Along?

A story from our friends across the pond, who like us are trying to use their central government to reform local schools' lunch menus.
Pupils at a Bath primary may have to be fed sandwiches from the local pub as an emergency measure while the school struggles to upgrade its kitchens to comply with the expansion of the government's free school meals programme.
The Devil you say! Sandwiches from the pub? Why, it's monstrous. Could the pubs just take over feeding all the students, do you think?

I'd endorse the idea here in America, only we haven't got enough pubs. Though perhaps if they were given responsibility for feeding all the students, we might get pubs in every town....

Call your Senator!


E Hines said...

I'm down with Chick-fil-A picking up the contract.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

No, we don't need more chicken sandwich places. It's pubs we're painfully short on.

MikeD said...

David Laws, the Liberal Democrat education minister, said: "Free school meals will save parents time and money, boost children's education and make sure every child gets the healthy meal they need to see them through the school day.

How? How can it POSSIBLY cost less for the parents (who ostensibly pay taxes that allow the government to feed their children) to pay the taxman for his efforts, the ministers for their efforts, the school board employees for their efforts, the food service workers for their efforts, the food vendors for their efforts, and still pay less than just buying the food themselves and thereby feeding their children? Certainly, I am sure there are taxpayers in the UK without children, and others with children far out of the mandatory feeding age. But even so, there are a LOT of people the government is paying to get food into that child when the parents could just as likely feed the child themselves. And as for the parents who CANNOT afford to feed their child, then I submit that either they are on public assistance (and theoretically already being subsidized by their fellow citizens to feed their child), or need to be if they truly cannot afford to feed their own child.

Grim said...

None of that logic, Mike. You'll be interfering with my pubs project!

Bob said...

I could've handled a few Fat Boy sandwiches from this place:


My middle school was military, and the cafeteria was a mix of Army chow hall favorites, and stuff that boys like. My high school was catholic, and the food was very humble, so we could be in solidarity with the Biafrans or something.

So anyway, Pub sandwiches? HELL YEAH!

E Hines said...

[W]e don't need more chicken sandwich places. It's pubs we're painfully short on.

Of course we are. The additional sales income--it is a government contract, after all--will provide the funds to increase the pub establishment.

And it would be an interesting expansion to Chick-fil-A's line. In which they could sell chicken sandwiches. With a kale option for their customers sitting in the Left half of the pub. And in extra hit of bacon option for the patrons in the rest of the place.

Come to that, Chick-fil-A could add to their school menu a bacon-wrapped bacon sandwich.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

If you're ever down in Athens, GA, give The Blind Pig Tavern a try. Though they've slimmed their menu down a bit -- they used to sell a foot-long, bacon-topped hot dog served covered with gravy. It was fantastic.