The Wages of Universal Healthcare

This year's statistics from the UK's Daily Telegraph:

* 43 people starved to death while in government-run hospital wards.

* 111 people died of thirst.

* 287 further people, though starvation was not the actual cause of death, were noted as being "severely malnourished" at the time of their deaths.

* Over a hundred died of infections from bedsores.

* Nearly twenty-two thousand were suffering from septicemia when they died.

So the good news is that it won't cost any money to go to the hospital. The bad news is that the strain on resources means that the hospitals lack the capacity to feed you, give you water, change your linens, or perform ordinary basic hygiene.


bthun said...

Dying cheap... A new Federal mandate?

I may or may not have commented on the article I'll link, and given the way my mind has been saturated/overloaded with [screaming] inputs from my body when I've attempted to put it to strenuous use this spring/summer, I can't recall if I've read about this allegation at The Hall or not. That said, I'll offer a preemptive anpology if this is a redundant comment.

Either way, I find the notion of government sponsored/funded/final-say on health care deeply disturbing.

//Makes note to send Veterinarian a box of chocolates. Proactive health care coverage, eh what?//

Texan99 said...

The usual problem: you can freeze prices, but you can't prevent the price freeze from crashing supply.

There's a reason for money.

E Hines said...

There's a reason for money.

And free exchange.

Eric Hines