There Stands a Piper

Jump about five minutes into this clip, and the piper lays down the Uilleann pipes, and picks up a set of Great Highland Warpipes.  The piper's name is Neil Anderson, and he's by far the most talented piper I've ever seen. Twenty years ago, he used to do the Stone Games as a part of a band called Seven Nations.  He was really that whole band, and when he left it, the thing turned into a shadow of itself.  Lately he's been back to the Games with a new band called Rathkeltair.

Crank it up, and give him some of your time.  You can try this one, too, which has "Atholl Highlanders" in it about halfway through:

Unfortunately, recording just doesn't capture the Warpipes in their glory.  They fill the air like a thunderstorm.  If you've heard them before, you'll have to do the rest with your imagination; if you haven't, you simply can't.


Or try this one:

Again, skip halfway through to find the best part.  Or don't, and watch the cinematography.  The problem this band has got is that they think they've got a lead guitarist.  They don't:  what they have is a lead piper, who is carrying the band.  Until they sort that out, they won't be able to break out to where they ought to be:  and they ought to be great, for they have one of the masters of his generation.


Mark said...

That is very different from the traditional pipes, way different.

Grim said...

He is something else, isn't he?

colagirl said...

I've heard warpipes once before. (Inside, too!) You are right, Grim--a recording does not do them justice.

These videos are incredible. Does this guy have any CDs?

Grim said...

Oh, yes. They do have CDs.