Wasp Switches to M-16 Rifle for Better Security

Not on the Same Page:

Today the Pacific Fleet's news service is reporting that the USS Wasp will be adopting a new battle rifle for her watchmen. We've all been eagerly awaiting the XM8: will the Navy get to field-test the weapons?

Well, no. Actually, the Wasp is finally catching up to the Army, by choosing the weapon that became the standard Army battle rifle in 1969.

After 15 years of use, USS Wasp's (LHD 1) ordnance division VG is finally saying goodbye to the ship's traditional rifle, the M-14, and hello to a more compact, quick-action rifle, the M-16.

The sudden[!] transition is expected to improve external shipboard security by allowing watch standers to intercept potential enemies with a faster and lighter weapon.

One wonders what they were using 15 years ago. "Muskets ready!"

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