Marine Corps News> 1st FSSG parachute pros bypass Iraqi highway hazards to air drop supplies

Parachute Pros:

JHD sends the following with this comment: "Talking about pissing the rags off! he-he! Grunts can stay out longer and the rags can't track them. Next thing you know a Strike Team hits them and they have no clue where they came from!" He's talking about the 1st FSSG, "Force Service Support Group," Air Delivery Platoon. They run a KC-130, which is a fairly big monster, but they claim they can drop to you without giving you away:

The KC-130 cargo plane, loaded with 22,000 pounds of food and bottled water, took off in total darkness, with its running lights extinguished and the pilots and crew donning night-vision goggles for the hour-long flight.

"We come in low and fast. We give the enemy very little opportunity to acquire us," said co-pilot Lt. Col. Jeffrey V. Young, 42, a reservist from Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 234, based in Fort Worth, Texas, which was one of the two squadrons supporting the mission.

The plane slowed as it approached the drop zone. Then, as the pilot pulled the aircraft up hard and increased power, the loadmasters in the cargo hold opened the back door.

"They release their gate and everything just slides out," said the pilot, Capt. Matthew W. Crocker[.]

Now that sounds like a fun ride.

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