Swedish Torch

Grilling over a Swedish Torch

I cut one tree this year that proved unreasonably difficult to split, so instead I cut it into Swedish Torches with my chainsaw. This turns out to be great for outdoor cooking as it provides a stable flat surface. 


Douglas2 said...

I've been tempted to cut Swedish torches into a giant multi-stemmed boxelder stump that I wish to get rid of.

Requires a day I can spend monitoring the fire, however

Anonymous said...

Slippery elm? I hate splitting those


Anonymous said...

Osage orange is no fun cutting or splitting.

What type of tree was it?

Grim said...

It is in fact an elm, as Greg guessed. I split some of it in the spring, decided it was not worth the effort I was putting into it and set the bucked logs aside to dry all summer. It's still entirely too much effort to split in the fall. This, however, is a good use for it.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I did not grow up with wood as fuel, and did not start splitting until I was 25. The first tree I cut on the property was an elm that was leaning over the house, and I felt I was a very inadequate woodsman when I was unable to split it. I bought different mauls, sharpened them insanely, and read up on technique and still could do nothing with the very green elm. Was I that much of a weakling? I put the 16x20" pieces away until the dead of winter, and was able to knock the twisty bastards apart then. I did start to appreciate that the twisting might be the problem. Yet it was not until spring when I took out some birches and geared up for another weekend of headaches stretching into Wednesday that I fully appreciated the difference. That stuff was easy. One swipe, didn't even have to hit the center perfectly.

I have had nothing to do with elm since. When I had to cut one, I would just bring the pieces to friends who burned outdoors. So when you said "unreasonably difficult to split" I wondered immediately what wood it was.

Anonymous said...

Elms just don't like people, be the tree living or dead. They seem to go out of their way to be difficult.

Note: I am slightly biased because of almost being brained twice by falling branches. Elms were very, very popular public park trees out here.