A Small Victory

It's only words, but at least they're retreating in rhetoric.


Ymarsakar said...

They will try again.


Texan99 said...

The rhetoric is welcome, if only as a sign of their terror at the wave of revulsion and ridicule.

Aggie said...

I read somewhere that a number of state School Board Association members have withdrawn, and that a few states have ceased paying dues... for now.

All this is fine, but - does that mean the FBI, DOJ, and DHS aren't going to be sending any agents and surveilling school board meetings anymore? Or are they still engaged? Waiting to see the Letter of Apology from the AG, which to me is the more egregious offense against the parents.

E Hines said...

I don't buy their rhetoric, at least not yet.

The original author wrote from his heart, and it's taken all this time for management--the same ones who created/permitted the culture that would allow one of them to fire off such a missive--to get around to writing words of review and regret.

I agree with T99 intimation that management's words are only for covering their collective behinds. I need to see actual changed behavior, along with serious, measurable, and public consequences for the original letter writer before these later words can be taken at all seriously.

Aggie--from Garland's hearing testimony last week (thank you, McConnell, for keeping him off the Supreme Court), Garland is much too oblivious of anything going on in the DoJ for which he is responsible to be able to take any serious action, much less even rescinding his memo. No, the FBI will continue its harassment/investigation. And so will Mayorkas' DHS.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

18 state members are said to have at least protested, and 2 are considering withdrawing from the NASB. The NASB is pathetically claiming two senior staff members went rogue and coordinated with the White House without senior leadership being clued in at all.
No doubt that's SOP, chumming it up with the White House on a personal lark, letting the organization read about the exciting results in the newspaper. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/oct/19/national-school-boards-association-rocked-state-me/