If only I still traveled

I confess, I never liked to travel.  I liked being in faraway places, for a short while, at least, but getting there got to be less and less fun the more I had to do it, the deeper a disgust I developed for hotels, and the more nightmarish airports became.  I've traveled very little since 9/11 and none at all since COVID.  I like where I am.

Still, if I knew anyone still forced to submit to the indignities of airlines and airless hotel rooms, this would certainly be a tempting purchase:  a compact, hard-shell suitcase on wheels that pops up to become a closet full of shelves.  It's almost too bad I haven't any use for such a well-designed little product.  It reminds me of the "object" that Diana Villiers has made for Stephen Maturin in the Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian.


sykes.1 said...

The best nautical series ever, bar none.

Mike Guenther said...

I'm ambivalent about whether I miss traveling for work or not. But then, I usually drove from job to job every six or eight weeks. The only time I had to fly was if I was working a job on the east coast and my next job was on the west coast, or when after my two month winter break, I had to fly to the company headquarters to pick up my company truck.

Hotels didn't bother me too much. Just a place to keep my clothes and sleep. I didn't hang out in the room like some of my co-workers. I always brought my golf clubs with me and I'd find a local tavern close to the hotel to hang out in.

My wife used to call me "Reilly"...as in when on the road, I "lived the life of Reilly." I do miss it sometimes.

douglas said...

That's not bad, and not insanely priced (although I've always gotten luggage either at Costco or Ross where it's heavily discounted).

It's odd that I don't like changing plans midstream much (like my father), but I love travel- I really don't mind at all the bustle, planes, trains, or automobiles, and hotels. The security changes post 9/11 were annoying though. I guess I'm pretty good at going with the flow when uncertainty is the plan.