Impeachment all the way down

Matthew Continetti thinks this will be the first president to be impeached multiple times, a constant background noise.
Maybe Nancy Pelosi waited to send impeachment to the Senate because she was waiting for her pens to arrive....“Nothing says seriousness and sobriety like handing out souvenirs,” said Mitch McConnell.


E Hines said...

From Continetti's piece: The test of Republican unity will be a motion to call witnesses.

Indeed. It also will be a test of Republican stomach for controversy and of their understanding of the Constitution. Senate calling of witnesses would be inappropriate and wrong. The investigation is over, by Constitutional construction. The only role permitted the Senate at this point is to try the House's case as they've constructed it from their investigation.

Continetti is correct, too, about continued impeachment moves by the House's Progressive-Democrat caucus. Al Green and others have already promised as much, even while the current Articles of Impeachment were still in draft.

Eric Hines

Aggie said...

They would need to re-win a majority for that. if it happens, then the theme for Trump's next term: Spend all the time pointing out what isn't getting done in the Democratic districts, because all of the oxygen is being diverted to impeachment efforts. Identify the issues being poorly managed, district-by-district. Point out how these affect every day quality of life. Not many voters would trade hits to their quality of life for impeachment gambles on Trump, who in the meantime is steadily improving their economic situation. Everybody reconsiders their hate priorities when their pocketbook is involved.

E Hines said...

They would need to re-win a majority for that.

They already have the majority, and 11 more months in which to impeach. At the pace at which they produced the last impeachment, that's time for 4-5 more impeachments.

The Republicans need to do those pointouts over these next 11 months in order to get their own majority in the House and to keep/expand their Senate majority.

Here's a thought: Trump is reelected, and the lame duck House impeaches him and this time sends the Articles to the lame duck Senate promptly.

Eric Hines

ymarsakar said...

What people don't seem to realize is that Trum and his allies in the (anti Cabal wing) Deep State, is removing the blackmail leverage over the Republicans that the Cabal has. Generally speaking, the power of the DS is such that Congress is a mere puppet. They do what they are told.

Counter: Oh, that's not how a republic works, Ymar, you really don't know what you are talking about.

Do people know what Roberts was doing in this republic of yours? Are people like Epstein supposed to suicide themselves in the safety of your jails in this republic of yours? Are the Clintons? Are the Hussein Baracks?

Anyways, what people don't see because they don't want to see it, is that Trum knows that Congress is beholden to traitor powers. ANd the only way out of that deadlock is to either declare himself Emperor or... destroy the blackmail material. And that has to do with pedophile networks. Not 17 yo, not 16 yo, not 14 yo, try 6 yo or 3.

That is the America you should see, if you have the Will to.

ymarsakar said...

It is also why those of us that did see it, were pretty fine with seeing the country go up in flames or war, annihilating 50-90% of it. All are guilty, because we all allowed it to happen, whether we knew it or not.

This is Collective Guilt. How died in Civil War 1 to absolve America of collective guilt? Read Lincoln's 1864 inauguration speech, he was willing to see the entire country go up in flames if that was the judgment of his god. He would have considered it a mercy and justice.

Some people perceived this scorpion like energy as a kind of terrorist toxin... well I suppose for the normal civilians of America, one man's terrorism is another man's patriotism. But the point is that terrorism is when this energy is like a scorpion stinging itself. One must direct that energy against something useful, like the real source.

There are many things I know now that I did not in 2007. Much of it is very peaceful in orientation. Others are not. But generally speaking, I have the same mentality at Lincoln in 1864.