Witness protection

Now it's not enough to leave California, you have to change your identity and avoid ever doing business with anyone there again.


E Hines said...

you have to...avoid ever doing business with anyone there [in California] again.

What's the downside of that?

Eric Hines

ymarsakar said...

California is the reason why you pay that sales tax on Amazon now.


douglas said...

Yikes. Thanks for the heads up.

A bit of an aside- I was thinking today- I am a native Angeleno, and one of my standard jokes is that I'm a rarity in these parts- being native and all, because so many people here (including my own folks) came from somewhere else. One of the reasons so many come here, especially in recent decades, is the left leaning social culture here- which used to be a minority 9sizable but definitely minority), but has overtaken the old Red California that elected governors like Wilson, Deukmejian, and Reagan. So while people gripe about Californians moving out to other states and bringing their bad ideas with them- a lot of what has happened in California is in at least not-insignificant part because of fellow travelers voyaging to the Golden State to help create the leftist paradise they dream of. I figure I've got as much reason to complain as any of those folks in other states about the now outflow- at least some of the outflow are people like me who are anything but leftist. I don't think there are too many conservatives coming *to* California anymore.