Two Views on Sex/Gender

The first one is from Minding the Campus.
[A]bout 75% of all PhDs in psychology now go to women (a trend that began in the late 1980s).

Since 2009, women have outnumbered men overall in doctoral degrees earned, and the gender imbalance in psychology is particularly marked. Moreover, in fields such as developmental and child psychology, women Ph.D. recipients outnumber men by more than five to one. According to the APA’s own documents, this has for years caused concern about the “feminization” of the field of psychology.

In a 2011 report, the APA affirmed that gender diversity is important, as is a diversity of viewpoints. But if the APA just redefines what desirable human characteristics are, perhaps they won’t have to bother with this problem or the fact that women are the vast majority of therapists in practice.
The second one is from Esquire. I won't excerpt it. It is wrong to try to extrapolate very far from a single example, which is the premise of the piece. But the piece is nevertheless interesting on many levels.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

The Esquire piece: What the author thinks are interesting, objective questions and observations are so deeply conditioned by liberal and female assumptions that she cannot approach the idea that she might be biased. She is making an effort to be sympathetic and open-minded, and deserves credit for that. But she just can't accomplish it. She doesn't know what she doesn't know.

Not that the questions and observations are entirely separate from what others who do not share her prejudices would also like. There is considerable overlap. We are not different species, after all. Yet it creates a quiet, small, but deep despair in me to read this.

The polls referred to have a different bias, assuming that it is people's positions on issues that determine their politics, rather than their tribal affiliations and response to symbols. It is half-true, and has some value, but also misses important points. People adopt views because they want to belong to certain groups, more than the other way around. I have to say that I thinking this is much stronger among liberals.

Grim said...

I wonder what the journalist must have thought on the hunting trip. She doesn't tell us; we have to infer from her remarks about how, should the young woman hunter kill a bear, all her family will come up with knives and dismember it in the dark.

If she were clear-eyed about herself, she would have refused to write the piece. Since she didn't, though, we learn more -- a great deal more -- about herself that we do about her subjects.

Which is why it goes with the piece about the psychologists being 5-1 female, and similarly conditioned by college and grad school. I wonder how the world I come from looks to them, and how far they are from having any idea of how to begin to understand it.

Ymarsakar said...

Another rather lop sided field is massage therapy.

Men don't bother complaining too much about these issues because while there are detriments, most people are hardcore determined enough not to become bitter over it. They aren't indoctrinated too much by hardcore science STEM or social conditioning incredentialed schools.

In order to change society, feminism was hijacked in order to totalitarian control the females. Only by controlling the females, can society and others become slaves. As stupid as people see the Leftist alliance, they have forever and will ever underestimate the power of an alliance. They cannot conceive of what an alliance truly is as they have never been in an alliance or ever been the creator of one, or enemy of one. Nor can they conceive of a Deep State hierarchy stronger than all the alliances put together underneath them, that uses these alliances as fodder for the cannon.

Human imagination is quite limited for the sheep livestock. One has to graduate to a higher realm of comprehension to understand the war.

Yet it creates a quiet, small, but deep despair in me to read this.

Humanity has been destined to End since the very Beginning. There is nothing to deserve despair, deep or not. All the world is a stage and watching it play out is merely the entertainment of the elohim and the souls of the spiritual realm.

Ymarsakar said...

Rather than the patriarchy, feminism acted as an onion cover for the real threat to females in a First World Nation: themselves.

The enemy of humanity has always been other humans: not aliens and not even the gods... as much as some have wished to rest the entire server field due to the excesses of Atlantis and the previous Ages.

Texan99 said...

Speaking as one of the commenters here who's probably among the most skeptical of traditional gender roles, I found that article jarring as well. Such unreflective condescension. She's taking potshots at Trump by sneering at chance remarks from a 17-year-old semi-supporter. It probably would never occur to her to try the same treatment on a female teenaged supporter of Pres. Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren. She would effortlessly slip into an implication that they are straining toward the light in their own adorable, perhaps unformed, but admirably idealistic and youthful way. Today's strong young women! Such an inspiration!

Grim said...

Yes, indeed. And as you say, effortlessly.

Gringo said...

People adopt views because they want to belong to certain groups, more than the other way around. I have to say that I thinking this is much stronger among liberals.
I learned this in high school, when a peer informed us his father had signed a petition ad against the Vietnam War that was in the NYT, that other "cool people" had signed. Conclusion: all the "cool people" are against the war.