Substantial Police Brutality Against Innocent Veteran Alleged

The way the man tells the story, he was set upon by two thieves and went out of his way not to shoot to kill. Prosecutors charged him with attempted murder anyway, and held him for three years awaiting trial -- much of it in solitary. When a jury finally got the case, they backed him completely. Now, he's suing over the way he was mistreated.
Johnson's lawsuit also makes a startling claim -- that when he complained about all that time in solitary, guards beat him.

"They immediately cuffed me," said Johnson. "As soon as I was cuffed that's when they began to, you know, they beat me up."...

His lawsuit says Johnson tried to warn jail officials about one guard who would "sadistically and maliciously abuse" prisoners: "I'm the one who wrote a grievance on Lubrin saying that if you don't stop this guy, he's gonna kill someone."

His lawyer says, just one month after Johnson filed that grievance, Officer Jereh Lubrin and two other guards beat a mentally-ill inmate, Michael Tyree, to death. The officers were convicted of second degree murder.
These kinds of cases undermine trust and faith in government.


Ymarsakar said...

Were these government goons or private goons.

"Trust in the government" is why the coin of the realm is no longer backed by gold but still says Trust in G.

Gringo said...

What makes me even more cynical is that this is coming from Silicon Valley, where progressives have ruled the roost for so long.
It's California, Jake. Where the Santa Clara County Sheriff tells us the Santa Clara County Jail is implementing "progressive reforms." After all, Silicon Valley and California have been progressive for SO long.