Too Good to Check

Conservatives lean right because they're so much prettier than liberals.
The scholars said hot people lean towards the right because they grow to develop a blind spot that leads them to not see the need for more government support or aid in society - a core liberal value.

They add that attractive people don’t face the same hurdles as others as their attractiveness gains them more attention and they are more successful in social situations. Their lives are generally “easier,” the pair claim.

I mean, possibly. But I'll wager that if you study the development of conservative/liberal attitudes, a lot of it depends on personality traits that are set before attractiveness becomes a big deal -- by childhood, I mean, rather than later in life when one becomes physically mature. That's not to say that ideas don't change. We all know people who become liberal in college under the academic and social pressure; we all know people who trend conservative once they get out in the world and see how badly liberal ideas work out in practical terms. Others double down because they become attached to structures that reinforce liberal or conservative ideas.

Still, a lot of the basics are there from the beginning.

Also, I note that the researchers have a clear cognitive bias that is evident in their description of conservatives as having a 'blind spot that leads them not to see the need for more government.' That treats the need for more government as a fact, rather than an opinion. Conservatives are thus supposed to be flawed, even mentally disabled, because they cannot see a thing that is really there. They've just had it so easy that it's crippled their minds.

Is it true that the easier one's life, the more likely one is to be a conservative? Not obviously. Justice Clarence Thomas grew up in a shack insulated with newspaper, his family's sanitation being an outhouse shared with neighbors. It's not hard to name others whose conservatism arose in difficult circumstances; nor is it hard to name celebrities with easy lives who are lefties. Celebrities tend to be attractive, too; not always, but it correlates strongly.

So, my sense is that this study is probably not very valuable. It's still fun, though.


E Hines said...

Maybe it's a mixed truth. I was quite attractive in my yout'; why, no less a light than my own mother assured me that the girls swooned in my wake as I walked the high school halls. I was Conservative then.

But I've uglied up as I've aged. I'm still Conservative.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

It is funny to see people leap without noticing from "there must be help for needy people" to "the only way to help needy people is through the government." Remember Obama's "government is the name for what we do together"?

E Hines said...

Remember Obama's "government is the name for what we do together"?

Yep. It's of a piece with his remark to/about small businessmen: "You didn't build that."

Eric Hines

james said...

I notice that attractiveness and intelligence also seem to be correlated. Not 100%, of course--Hollywood brims with counterexamples.

Lars Walker said...

I am a living refutation of this premise.