The Feast of Holy Innocents

Today we are reaching back to 2014 for my favorite memorial post, with an Arthurian connection.


Anonymous said...

On this feast day we especially pray for the victims of abortion in NYC and everywhere.

We especially give thanks to the lord for saving Holy Inncents parish in NYC
We also give thanks for good and holy priest like Fr. Wylie

Holy Innocents parish is a very symbolic place in the war against abortion.
It is also where one can go to latin mass.

Pray for more priest like Fr Justin Wylie


Anonymous said...

Russians are getting it right unlike the USA

Russian city bans abortion for one day to mark feast of the Holy Innocents


Grim said...

Yes, you're right, abortion is more immediately relevant than Sir Thomas Malory's story about King Arthur.

douglas said...

That doesn't make it wrong to explore a connection to something of interest to you.

That said, prayers for our own Holy Innocents is surely appropriate.