A Quiet Day in the Country

So today I went out to a farm that raises fallow deer and emus, as well as horses, and enjoyed a nice walk. Later the wife and I went to a leather shop to look at hides and plan some Christmas gift projects -- she's quite talented at many sorts of making, including leatherworking. Following that we had a dinner of home-made chicken soup.

A very quiet, uneventful day. Did I miss anything?


Elise said...

Did I miss anything?

In comparison to how y'all spent your day, absolutely nothing of any importance whatsoever.

E Hines said...

Senate passed its version of tax reform.

Don't recall when this occurred relative to your stroll in the park, but Flynn confessed to being a liar and sold his testimony in the Mueller "investigation" to the highest bidder. Either of which alone would seem to make anything he has to say to Mueller or in court utterly worthless.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

Now that I'm running for County Commissioner as the official "Drain the Swamp" candidate, people are starting to call me up to fill me in on shenanigans, and there are really some shenanigans. What is it about lawyers and journalists that they constantly find themselves drunk and belligerent in public? The police know all about them, even if the public doesn't always hear. I won't claim never to be drunk, but I'm not an angry drunk, and you can count on me to be either home or within walking distance of home. Anyway, I'm getting a new appreciation of what you find when you turn over rocks even in a small county. Nothing that's going on the national sphere, not even Garrison Keillor getting abruptly fired for being a sexual schmuck, should surprise me now.

As for the tax bill, I'm happy to see corporate taxes reduced from 35% to 20%, and the rest of it looks like a mixed bag of nothing much.

I'm spending a lot of my time now talking to voters, I'm slightly encouraged. Lots of them get limited government and transparency.

E Hines said...

Good luck to you, and good fortune.

Regarding the rocks being turned over, one neat trick is being able to discriminate between the real misbehaviors and the claims of them that actually are just axes being ground.

Eric Hines