Who Could Have Predicted This?

Instapundit is right.

The people who thought that was a meltdown haven't spent enough time around the folks who were making the arguments. It was never a stretch to say that they'd be after Washington and Jefferson as soon as they got rid of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson -- Virginia secessionist slaveholders all. Actually, if you view American history primarily through the lens of slavery, Stonewall Jackson may have been the best of the four. Washington isn't going to get a break: his slaves fled to the British for protection.


Texan99 said...

I don't suppose we'll ever get to disapprove of the African cultures that subsisted on the slave trade?

Ymar Sakar said...

The place in Africa, Timbuktu, that was the center of North/West/East slave trade is taboo.

Why? Islam.

Biiig connection there. Looking at a caravan route map, that is directly linked to the old Sunni empire that once occupied Tunisia and North Africa. They handled the slave trade even around 850 AD. Way before there even was a Spanish that adopted Muslim Andalusian slave trading practices.

Ymar Sakar said...

The goal of the Leftist hierarchy is to destabilize the US before WW3.

That is part of their strategic planning ops, and so far it is working.

The trick is that they are sacrificial pawns. All of the Leftist alliance, including the SJWs, are. The powers that be, the Deep State as the Alt Right prefers to call them, or the Shadow Government as InfoWars calls them, doesn't need the Left. Any more than the Soviets did. Not after they have served their use.

The Left was always this weird self programmable weapon that looked like they had programmed themselves after the Soviets ditched them. But it looks like some entity adopted their programming routines and have hacked in.

The Hierarchy of the Left is becoming more and more Systematic and easy to recognize. Police unions told the police to Stand Down and let Americans suffer and die. That was remarkable and it was Obeyed.

The park rangers were given a similar order by Hussein. They Obeyed.

This is organization, not merely college fraternities getting drunk and calling for SJW.

Ymar Sakar said...

West Point is another leverage data point. When American officers are given the order to slaughter the militia "traitors", will the Black Power fist up in the air or the Che Marxists at West Point refuse that order?

Interesting. Everything is coming together. They like it when a plan comes together.