Distributed intelligence

The hive brain has let me down.  I was watching a medium-old BBC series called "Doc Martin" on Acorn TV (a good value on the net), when I found myself in a Cornish wedding scene thinking, "That's a better wedding band than the run of the mill.  In fact, I like that song.  What's that song?"  Since I could get a few lyrics, I was confident the answer would be, as usual, a Google search away.  Instead, what I got was a lot of hits to sites with people saying, "I was watching a wedding scene in that old show Doc Martin . . . ."  No one ever did figure out what the song was, though the consensus was that it was sort of close to another song and might be a variation.  Some band had its shot at the spotlight and missed.

Snippet of reggae-like song begins about 3:30, but if you like the whole scene you might try Acorn TV.

And the song it resembles:

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