Irma Passes Through

Outside of Savannah and its environs, things went reasonably well for a hurricane. Here it was a day of a few hours of strong gusts, plus a whole day of rain, but no serious issues. One transformer exploded nearby, but the power didn't go out for more than a second or two now and again.

Hope it went that well for the rest of you.

That's four hurricanes for me, now: Opal, Floyd, Isabel, and now Irma. At least, those are the ones I remember.


Anonymous said...

I've been thankful that Tex, Grim, and the parents of one of my co-workers, who are in assisted living faculties in Florida, have weathered these storms somewhat gracefully. To tie to another post, I'm also thankful that Madame Clinton is in private pursuits instead of public service. Amen.

-Stc Michael

MikeD said...

Hugo, Opal, and Irma are the three big ones I recall. Only Opal went directly overhead (I was at Ft. Benning at the time). People wonder why I say I'd never live in Florida. Well, this is one reason.

Ymar Sakar said...

I told the primordial spirits and the Divine Counsel, to keep the hurricane winds down and away from me. I'm not sure exactly how large the consecration circle was, but it was large enough.