Big Day at the Supreme Court

Good news for religious liberty, which is of course described as bad news for secularism. Call me when people are being forced to attend these religious schools.

Also, the President won an initial ruling on his travel ban. The court will consider the case more completely in the fall.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

The takeaway that liberals never take away, is that any of these views which they have been ridiculing for months turns out to be, at minimum, not insane. I always consider that if something can attract 3 SCOTUS votes - maybe only 2 - it has at least something to be said for it. It may be wrong or taking us in a bad direction, but it is at least not insane.

For example, I think that limiting citizen firearm permission to a militia is a wrong interpretation that does not take into account the intent of the founders (as revealed in the wording of the state constitutions on the same topic at the same time). But I see where they get it. I see how someone could come to that conclusion.

I seldom sense that the same courtesy is extended in the other direction.