Bernie Sanders Condemns Violence

It's 3/3 with this shooter, the Portland stabber, and Reality Winner all turning to violence or, in the case of Ms. Winner, oathbreaking in the defense of their agenda. The Congressman himself is probably not a bad guy, though he has certainly been deeply wrong on political questions. Still, I think of his friendship with Jim Webb, obvious in the first Democratic debate of last year. He is capable of respecting his opponents, certainly enough not to try to kill them.

Clearly, that is not true for all of his supporters. Let's hope they listen to what he has to say.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Stuck in 1968, as your next post notes, but that type of church coffee-house liberal who thought the world could be taught to sing in perfect harmony if we would just be nice to others, gosh darn it. He's gotten meaner since then, but those are his roots.

That group thought the accusations of the right-wing crazies against the USSR were unhinged, and as much of a problem as Mao or Brezhnev. The reality was even worse than even the crazies claimed.

Unknown said...

I find it pathetic how the focus is placed on the rhetoric, not the substance. The substantial differences in worldview and differing capacity for rational thought is what drives the harsh rhetoric. There are real, fundamental political differences in the US electorate that will not be bridged through kind words and an occasional baseball game. The rhetoric is a symptom only.

Anonymous said...

" He's gotten meaner since then"

Yes, Bernie is very mean, also ignorant, and also very very anti-Christian.

How so?

Read this article about Bernie attacking Russell Vought, President Trump’s nominee for Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Bernie's the bigot showed his true colors at that time.

Bernie Sanders: Christophobe and (Indirectly) Islamophobe