'Oss 'oss, wee 'oss!

The Padstow Day Song ("Unite and unite, oh, let us unite, for summer is a-coming today") and Night Song ("Oh, where is King George?  Where is he oh?") are the traditional May Day songs for Padstow in Cornwall.  The Hobby Horse (the "Old 'Oss") is a giant cylindrical black  creature that tries to capture young women under its skirts, meaning they'll be married within the year.

This is my favorite rendition of the songs.  'Oss 'oss, wee 'oss!  'Oss 'oss, wee 'oss! 'Oss 'oss, WEE 'OSS!

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Grim said...

Another piece I didn't know! I do know another song about an 'old horse' that is traditionally British, but it's a sailing song. I guess they put it into a video game about pirates, to judge from this version of it.