The first two Marines to be punished for the Marines United scandal are, as expected, enlisted personnel. Just to add insult to injury:
The Marines ultimately were sent to NJP because of derogatory comments made about one of their more senior enlisted leaders, officials said, but the comments were discovered through investigation into inappropriate comments about women.
Headline reference here, for those who don't know the term.


Guildofcannonballs said...

I still don't believe it, but every other alternative my lil' something up top I call a brain tells me you Sir will always be counted on as toward the ideal, however non-existent, that God loves man and America and wants us all to be happy, through dedication and sacrifice and also appreciation of the worldly goods beyond good hygiene.

The greatness of the men who suffered fighting a war I supported at the time in the form of drunken, friend-losing arguments, and my family thinking I am not right in the head, and me being a narcisist wanting to tell everyone in Denver how brilliant my broke ass is (was and is to my detriment) is something if I forget I will always kinda hate myself for forgetting.

I know my contributions here are not much, I hope it isn't spam although I've for years identified as a troll, probably since my wrestling coach called me out as a quitter and loser my Junior year in high school, even though in track I proved I wasn't as inept.

Every man I have told, confided, I received for my actions a general discharge under honorable conditions told me "hey at least you tried. Your heart was in the right place."

Kind of tough to not feel ashamed even these decades later though.

Grim said...

Well, if that's the answer you've gotten from everyone you've talked with about it, it's probably a good answer.

E Hines said...

What Grim said. And remember TRoosevelt's remark about being in the arena vs being safely on the sideline.

Eric Hines