Being Helpful

Sonny Bunch at the Free Beacon has some suggestions to help the Democratic Party connect with "most people":

The real problem isn't that Democrats are out of touch with common folks; it's that common folks don't understand that the struggles of the out-of-work coal miner are intricately linked to the struggles of the bisexual transgendered pronounless twitter user who feels oppressed by the mainstream's refusal to admit that zir exists and that zir's problems are not trivialities. A nationwide ad campaign explaining the intricacies of intersectionality will bring Democrats one step closer to showing that progressives really do have the problems of you, the people, in their hearts.

Spot on, man! And he has more.

Wow. If they follow his advice, the Democrats may be on the road to dominating the federal government for a generation.


Texan99 said...

It reminds me of the weird disorientation I get listening to people discuss education reforms, a lot of bizarre stuff that has simply nothing to do with anything I recognize as education. I find myself asking all the time, "Given that you want to get to Point B (which I'm frankly beginning to doubt, but let's pretend), how in the world do you think your proposal gets use there from here at Point A?" And the answer comes back in intersectional word salad. Because inclusiveness, or something.

There was a great South Park episode some years back, in which a guy earnestly explains why manboy love is a fine cause. The kids stare at him blankly and answer, "Dude, you *&%^ children" at every pause.

Tom said...

Yeah, there's a lot of that going around these days. We need to develop a vaccine.

Anonymous said...

I read an early form of that, in academese, in a history book recently. It reminded me why I'm just as happy that I was never able to get a college/university teaching job. Deconstructionist theory... Derridian analysis... Foucoult's theory of the individual and the state... bourgoise disciplining and othering the working class. *Twitch, twitch*