You Got Us There

Former Swedish PM: More murders in Florida, where Trump spoke, than in Sweden.

It's a fair cop. There's no way we can defend the behavior of Florida. It's been completely out of control for a long time. They even have their own Fark tag.


Texan99 said...

And yet there's rioting going on in Sweden this evening.

Grim said...

Well, of course there is. Trump wasn't wrong that Sweden's having huge problems associated with increased immigration (even refugees).

Florida, though, is definitely more chaotic that Sweden on its worst day. A riot in Sweden is like traffic in Tampa.

douglas said...

There's also twice as many people in Florida as Sweden, and he cherry picked Orange Co. and Orlando (can you say pulse night club average skew?). Might as well compare the rape rates in Malmo vs. Fargo.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Malmo and Fargo would be interesting, because Scandinavians settled the latter, and the school population in Malmo is now less than half Swedish, and has the highest crime rates in the country.

Gringo said...

I am reminded of Milton Friedman's response to the statement that the poverty rate in Sweden is lower than the poverty rate in the US. Friedman replied that the poverty rate of Swedish Americans was lower than the poverty rate for all Americans.

Fargo compared with Malmo- good one. We all know the wild and crazy reputation that Fargo has.

Another comparison with Malmo would be Somalis in Minnesota.

Ymar Sakar said...

It would be easier to put it to the rest test. Put a bunch of Americas in charge of a district in Malmo, then put a bunch of Swedish elect bureaucrats in charge of Atlanta. Everyone may benefit in the end.

Deeds over words. Statistics are just another form of deception.